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11th-Mar-2014 01:46 pm - Fanletter address update
yuuki yomi
Since there's been continuous problems with his last postbox, Yuuki finally got a different one.
Looks like it might work for letters/presents from overseas, too. I'll try and confirm that.

EDIT: Confirmed; ought to work just fine.

Anyway, the new address is


I'd always recommend using the Japanese address, but if for some reason you cannot, try this instead:

Tokyoto Setagayaku Geba 5-34-10-203

21st-Apr-2011 12:12 pm - The Last Curtain fanproject notice!
Girugamesh, Satoshi

Thank you for showing support for the Last Curtain fanproject, and also thank you to those helping to spread the message (ameba, facebook, tumblr, myspace, brilliant!)

The messages I've recieved are amazing, honestly - everyone is really writing from the heart, and it's just the kind of thing I think the band need to hear. However, those submissions aren't enough at the moment (I know that some people are working on their photos or thinking on their messages, so thank you for letting me know~)

To give an extra weekend, the new and FINAL deadline has been changed to MAY 2nd (Monday). Any and all submissions can be PM'd this way, or sent to:

finalcurtainproject [at] yahoo.co.uk

Original post is here for more details.

Keep on pushing forward, UnsraWers!
5th-Apr-2011 03:05 am - The Last Curtain FANPROJECT
Girugamesh, Satoshi

From the start we've always been told that we - the fans of UnsraW - are UnsraW members too. And so with the last live coming up, it is our last chance to have our voices heard as well! So while they play for us, let's shine together for them.

Check details under the cut for the Last Curtain fanproject!

For our Last CurtainCollapse )

Unlike the last project this is open to everyone. So please, spread the word! This is a last hurrah, not only for the band themselves but also for us, so let's be sure to give them something to remember.
29th-Apr-2009 01:09 am - More hope for everyone.
Shou just posted a few minutes ago.

Shou is leaving New York tomorrow so he would probably back in Japan on the 30th or 1st.

Hopefully, UnsraW would resume activities soon.


I wonder what the other members are up to right now.
5th-Nov-2008 01:04 am - Selling CDs
nature: cherry blossoms
I'm auctioning off the following sold-out UnsraW CDs on my journal:

UnsraW - -9-
UnsraW - Gate of Death

Along with a whole lot of other CDs, from INORAN, ISABELLE, Jully, Kagerou, kannivalism, Karma-Shenjing, Karakuri, Kurara Zeroshiki, Nega, Murai Kenjirou, Psycho le Cému, Remioromen, TRAX, Wizard, Dir en grey, Jakura, POITRINE, SERIAL NUMBER, SID, and SCREW.

Please take a look at my sales post here!
1st-Mar-2007 02:10 am - Live pictures
Hey everyone.... such a huge maniac for UnsraW. These guys rock☆

I wanted to share some live pictures from this year... enjoy.

19th-Jan-2007 03:50 pm - UnsraW - [PV] -9-
Oi *_*


UnsraW -9- PV


enjoy it ^^
17th-Jan-2007 08:33 pm - LOVE unsraW
Yoroshiku minna!

I love unsraW *_* but I can't found nothing about them.

Does anybody got some videos or some songs PLEASE? T_T

I really want to see it

Thanks in advance ^_^
14th-Jan-2007 08:13 pm - New UnsraW fansite
KYOKUTOU GF → 「Hayashida」
I just spent the last 48 hours, quite literally, working on my UnsraW fansite Laughing Demon. It still is going to have some work done on it, with a media page being put up, images, and a possible blog translation page, but please have take a look and spread the word.
Any criticism would be appreciated also. Thanks and enjoy!
- rew.
10th-Jan-2007 11:24 pm(no subject)
red hair, me, lashes
hello ^^
I wanted to ask if someone has lyrics of UnsraW ._. Kanji and/or Romaji are fine for me. thank you ^^
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